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Investment Management

Asset Management

We offer structured portfolios with low expense ratios and a much higher level of personal services that individual investors deserve.

Each of our model portfolios is diversified with multiple asset classes and investment styles. Whether your investment strategy focuses on long-term growth of capital, generating current income, or a combination of these objectives, one of our portfolios will have an appropriate strategy to meet your goals. We will decide on client's investment objective upon initial client-advisor meeting. From there on, there will be meetings held annually or upon client request to discuss any modification the client would like to make to his or her portfolio.

Fee Structure

The investment management structure for Forbes Financial is fee-only. We do not charge commissions like many brokers in Rhode Island. Fee-only allows us and the investor to have a clear understanding of what they are getting charged for. We have listed below the fee schedule based on assets under management.

Management Fees

Under $100,000 1.50% or less
$100,000-$1,000,000 1.25% or less
Above $1,000,000 .75% or less

Fees vs. Commissions

By utilizing a fee structure, we are able to engage in a management structure with transparency and mobility. There are no commission based or loaded mutual funds in our model portfolios. This keeps your cost down and allows more of your money to work for you to reach your goals. While we use a Fidelity platform, we are able to use no-load mutual funds and ETF's that we believe will best meet your investment objectives from most any fund family.

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